Grants Microfinance Bank

Asset Finance

Grants MFB asset finance involves purchase of assets of varied nature through our partners for whom we serve as major distributors. These partners include

  • LG, Hisense, Midea, BRHUM for your electronic needs.
  • iPhone, Samsung, Tecno, Nokia, Infinix and Gionee for your communication needs.
  • Big Bull, Mama Gold, Mama Africa Rice, Kings Oil, Power Oil and Grand Soya Oil, Indomie Noodles. Golden Penny Macaroni and Spaghetti for your consumption needs
  • Bajaj motorcycles and tricycles for your vehicular needs.


Applicants are advised to choose products under this category if the following criteria are met 


Acceptable response

Finance needed

Physical Asset not cash

Income source


Income fluctuation


Ability to absorb deductions for short to mid term


Acceptance of specific named brands for asset financing


Ability to obtain more than one category of asset finance


Possession of asset

Asset title resides with the Bank until repayment is completed 


Applicant can spread the repayment of this
asset for a duration of 4-12 months.


  • Salary earner whose salary account is a current account
  • Non salary earner who can provide two salary earners to stand as surety

Documentation required

  • Account
    opening form for new customers
  • Asset Finance form
  • Application form stating amount, duration and purpose
  • Valid means of identification and recent passport
  • Six months salary statement of account
  • Two guarantors with work ID and payslip (if on IPPIS) and post dated cheque (if not on IPPIS)


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Grantsmfb will never request for your personal financial information. Do not share your PIN, BVN, OTP, CVV, Debit Card PAN, etc with anyone.

Grantsmfb does not demand payment before any service is rendered.

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