Grants Microfinance Bank

Contracts and Invoicing

Contracts financed by Grants MFB are those with a short duration of payment with direct supply.

Applicants are advised to choose products under this category if the following criteria are met 



Acceptable response

Amount needed

Not material

Awarding company to domicile proceeds with Grants MFB


Disbursement of funds to be made directly to supplier


Availability of equity contribution


Tripartite agreement between Awarding company, Grants MFB and contractor


Availability of collateral



Applicant can access up to N5,000,000
which can be spread up to 12 months


  • Promoter
    and or Busness owner
  • Business
    must be in existence for a minimum of five years
  • Evidence
    of steady income stream from business
  • Evidence
    of various contracts done and prompt payment returned

Documentation required

  • Account opening form for new customers
  • Loan form
  • Application form stating amount, duration and purpose
  • Valid id and recent passport
  • One year salary statement of account
  • Post dated cheques for duration of loan
  • Two guarantors with their latest payslip and office UD if under IPPIS. Post dated cheques for duration of loan if not
  • Collateral
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Grantsmfb will never request for your personal financial information. Do not share your PIN, BVN, OTP, CVV, Debit Card PAN, etc with anyone.

Grantsmfb does not demand payment before any service is rendered.

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